Resources are a quick way to define endpoint collections.

Services as Constants

Each name of the service that gets registered in the Factory Default DI of Phalcon REST is defined as a constant. This keeps your code organized and provides autocompletion.

Throughout the library we use it as follows:

use PhalconRest\Constants\Services;

Factory Default DI

Like Phalcon we provide you with a Factory Default DI with all services registered.

$di = new \PhalconRest\Di\FactoryDefault;

Custom Services

Note that you can always extend from these services and register your own version using the same name. This way Phalcon REST will use your version.


$request = $di->get(Services::REQUEST);

This service adds some convenience methods. Like getToken() to get the authentication token from either a query parameter or Authorization header.


$response = $di->get(Services::RESPONSE);

This service is mainly responsible for outputting json formatted errors and data responses in a consistent way.

Authentication Manager

$authenticationManager = $di->get(Services::AUTH_MANAGER);

This service allows to authenticate using different account types or using a token and getting session info.

Fractal Manager

$fractalManager = $di->get(Services::FRACTAL_MANAGER);

This service is from a third-party library called Fractal, it provides us with a transformation layer for complex data output.

Token Parser

$tokenParser = $di->get(Services::TOKEN_PARSER);

This service is responsible for parsing session tokens. At the moment we provide a Json Web Token Parser (\PhalconRest\Auth\TokenParser\JWT). You are free to replace this with your own token parser.


$query = $di->get(Services::QUERY);

This is a global instance of \PhalconRest\Data\Query. It gets configured on each request by \PhalconRest\Middleware\UrlQuery. It's purpose is to provide a layer between the URL Query Syntax and another Query Syntax you prefer. This object can for instance be parsed to a PHQL query.

PHQL Query Parser

$phqlQueryParser = $di->get(Services::PHQL_QUERY_PARSER);

This service provides a way to apply all options in a \PhalconRest\Data\Query instance to a \Phalcon\Mvc\Model\Query\Builder instance.

URL Query Parser

$urlQueryParser = $di->get(AppServices::URL_QUERY_PARSER);

This service is used internally to parse GET parameters to the \PhalconRest\Data\Query instance which is stored globally.